Thursday, February 27, 2014

How not to protest

There was a protest at the Portland State University campus today, while I was in class. A gentleman was on a bullhorn shouting "What do we want?" repeatedly, in reply to which the large crowd he had gathered would shout something no one in my class could understand. As I was able to find out only later, it was a show of solidarity with the professors after stalled budget negotiations between them and the administration. That would have been nice to know while the protest was in progress. For all I knew, it was a rally for the awareness of microaggressions or some similar nonsense. If you use a bullhorn, at least make sure the bullhorn carries your message, since more people will hear it clearly than will be able to hear a shouting crowd clearly. As one of my classmates asked, after about ten iterations of the chant, "What do they want?"

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