Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sartrean slip?

I use LaTeX to typeset my notes for my philosophy courses. I am working on my Sartre notes for Philosophy 101, and just discovered that where I intended to write "\begin{enumerate}," I actually wrote "\being{enumerate}." A simple transposition of letters, or something of deeper significance?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Template for unhelpful mail

Many people who send me critical feedback seem to be using variations of this template:


Dear Dr. Vuletic,

I read your article such-and-such. In it you argue for X. Since I disagree with X, I haven't bothered to read your article carefully, and instead have angrily attributed to you all sorts of things that do not follow from what you have written, and have responded with the most knee-jerk, sophomoric objections I can think of. Since I don't like your arguments for X, that also means that you haven't made any arguments for X, proving once again that people who say the things you say are too afraid, arrogant, and intellectually dishonest to write about what you have just written a whole article about. In conclusion, let me make a few rude comments to you, which I feel entitled to make simply because I disagree with what you wrote: rest assured, even though the article I am responding to was one of your polite works, it is perfectly fine for me to be a pompous ass in return, because I am one of the good guys.