Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another major Kindle book sale is having another big sale on select Kindle books. I have already tweeted the most important titles, but they deserve as much exposure as possible, so here are the ones I bought:

Loftus: The Christian Delusion $2.99
Stenger: The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning $3.99
ibn Warraq: Why I Am Not a Muslim $1.99
Pickover: Archimedes to Hawking $1.99
Jones: The Quantum Ten $1.99
Stenger: Timeless Reality $0.99

I rarely spend more than $3.00 on a Kindle book, but I made an exception for Stenger's book on fine-tuning because it is very recent (the hardcover came out on 26 Apr) and looks like something I am required to own in one form or another.


Hume's Ghost said...

Adams v. Jefferson (Ferling) for $2 and Longitude (Sobel) for $3 are pretty good deals, too. I've read both; both are engaging reads about subjects that generally aren't common knowledge. Longitude, given its short length, I would have liked to have seen at a lower price.

(And I'm still annoyed at Sobel for saying that time is to clocks as mind is to brains).

Hume's Ghost said...

Just saw that Evil Genes by Oakley is on sale, too, for $2. That was a pretty interesting read (espepically the stuff about the psychology of tyrants.)