Friday, June 24, 2011

Incredible excitement last night

Normally, the only thing that can make me pause in the middle of a run is loss of consciousness, discovery of a treasure chest filled with gold dubloons, or not feeling like running anymore. Last night, though, I ascertained a fourth reason on a late run near some wild terrain, as I was forced to come to a full stop to admire the cuteness of a friendly pocket mouse out foraging. It truly was a mouse-tastic experience, even though pocket mice, I learn, are not true mice at all: the former are heteromyids, the latter murids—same order, but different families—a bit of cladistic insight that you probably will not soon forget, even if you would like to.


Becky said...

I can smell my rats from where I'm sitting. I don't think it's quite as exciting, but certainly related.

Mark Vuletic said...

Rats are very exciting. Not mouse-tastic, perhaps, but rat-tacular for sure. Any creature with a taxonomic name like Rattus rattus is welcome to scurry about behind my drywall anytime.