Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm twittering. I insist on calling it "twittering" rather than "tweeting," because this is one of the many ways I mark myself out as a fossil, rather than one of those hip, techno-savvy kids. I'm still at least twenty years away from referring (without irony) to Skype as "the Skype" or, like that unfortunate nice gentleman on Frontline, calling earbuds "earpods" (The Persuaders Chapter 2, 6:17—to be fair, he clearly was having an "oh s**t" moment), but yes, my bones slowly are being replaced with calcite. Soon, my beautiful form shall be frozen in time for all eternity. Nevertheless, I shall continue twittering until the bitter end, or until I lose interest or can't pay the bills or something.

Update: I just heard that one of the founders of Twitter says "twittering" is technically the correct verb, though he doesn't really care. Does this mean that he's a fossil, too? Has his invention turned against him? Or am I so far out of the loop that I can't even be out of the loop properly?

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