Friday, May 27, 2011

Reading list for June

As part of my attempt to downsize my library, and give myself greater focus, I am committing myself to returning all of my borrowed books on their first due dates. Here are the ones I have due toward the end of June:
  1. Mellor's Real Time II.
  2. Greig's The Letters of David Hume, vol. 1. [Finished]
  3. Greig's The Letters of David Hume, vol. 2. [Finished]
  4. Melnyk's A Physicalist Manifesto.
  5. Gendler and Hawthorne's Conceivability and Possibility.
  6. Kirschner and Gerhart's The Plausibility of Life.
  7. Psillos's Scientific Realism.
  8. Leplin's Scientific Realism. [Finished]
  9. Klibansky and Mossner's New Letters of David Hume. [Finished]
  10. Wegner's The Illusion of Conscious Will.
  11. Dawkins's The Extended Phenotype. [Finished]
  12. Fleishacker's A Short History of Distributive Justice. [Finished]
  13. Mackie's Problems from Locke. [Finished]
  14. Moss's A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics.
  15. Coyne and Orr's Speciation.
  16. Clack's Gaining Ground.
  17. Noth's Exodus.
  18. Cross's Canaanite Mythology and the Hebrew Epic. [Finished]
  19. Feyerabend's Problems of Empiricism.
  20. Leplin's A Novel Defense of Scientific Realism. [Finished]
The probability of my making it through this whole list, even with the head-start I have into six of them? Zero. What painful choices I have up ahead.

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