Sunday, January 16, 2011

A few good books

Here are a few of the good books I read while on vacation:

Matt Taibbi's Griftopia. Seldom have I seen someone do such a thorough job of documenting the conglomeration of stupidity and corruption of which the US financial world consists.

Leonard Susskind's The Black Hole War. Describes Susskind's long dispute with Stephen Hawking and others about whether black holes destroy information.

Gordy Slack's The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything. Nice account of the Dover intelligent design trial.

It was nice to have time to study, for a change. Fortunately, this semester looks like it will not be nearly as intense as the previous one, so I should be able to cram a lot more study time into it.

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Hume's Ghost said...

Hm. Got a dollar hc edition of The Black Hole War a few months ago, but wasn't planning on reading it anytime soon. I may have to move it up my list ...