Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Invisible Gorilla

Yesterday, I finished The Invisible Gorilla, which I had been listening to in audiobook format during my transit to and from work. The book is one of a long line I have read which describe how vast the difference is between the way our minds function, and the way we think they function. Our minds feel transparent to us, but they most assuredly are not. The Invisible Gorilla is, in my humble estimation, the best book of the lot—no surprise, since the authors are the researchers who came up with the original test for which the book is named. If I teach another introductory logic and reasoning class, I will use this book.

A video of the original test is below. I have included a second test after that, in case the first is already too familiar to have any effect, or if the name of the book clues you in too much.

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