Friday, October 15, 2010

How can we be sure about anything at all?

It has been ages since I published anything at my parent site (, but, happily, I managed to find a little bit of extra time today to do so. Naturally, by "extra time," I mean "time during which I should be asleep."

I covered Descartes this week in my Introduction to Philosophy classes, and spent considerable time using odd neurological conditions to motivate a very disturbing skeptical move Descartes makes almost in passing in the Meditations on First Philosophy. I had produced a rough draft of an article on precisely that topic for my website about a year ago, but never got around to finishing it. Being able to discuss the vexing matter in class was sufficiently awesome that it motivated me to pull the article out of the dusty file archives of my computer and finally complete it. So, here's the question: how can we be sure about anything at all?

And no, I do not talk about Putnam and internal realism. I'm putting most of my readers through enough without all of that.

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Hume's Ghost said...

The extra time I should be using to write I've been using to read, myself.