Wednesday, September 29, 2010


How news websites write about scientific papers. Even if Robbins were way off base (he isn't), his choice of graphics truly is optimized for his key target demographic, or at least for some demographic to which I happen to belong.

H/T: The Panda's Thumb.

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Steelman said...

Robbins' wit and insight had me chuckling. It gave me a lift being reminded that there are still intelligent people (journalists, even!) in the world (cutting the cable bill wasn't the only reason I stopped watching commercial television).

Then I realized that his satire wasn't that much of a caricature. It was practically a template for the crap the major news sites often churn out.

Less lifted now.

If you want competent, in depth science reporting, it's at the science blogs, which contain actual scientists. Such an important ingredient, who knew?