Thursday, September 16, 2010

No more IRR

One notable item in my personal life: my Individual Ready Reserve status with the Marine Corps expired on the 2nd of this month. For some reason, I thought it was supposed to expire in November, but I checked my DD-214, and, sure enough, the four-year commitment to IRR that was tacked on to my four-year active duty enlistment expired on the 2nd.

I have not yet quite managed to wrap my mind around this. Although the probability of my being recalled went effectively to zero a year ago, I have not felt like a proper civilian since the moment I stepped aboard the bus to MCRD San Diego. I had a jolt of pure "former Marine" sensation today, and it felt good, but it was fleeting. I think it will take quite some time for it to really sink in that this part of my life is over.

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Becky said...

I'm happy this part of your life is over. What a good opportunity to look forward and move on to bigger and better things :)