Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Schopenhauer being, well, Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer, whatever else one may think of him, is one of the finest craftsmen of insults to grace the history of philosophy. I am in the process of reading On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (E.J.F. Payne tr., LaSalle, IL: Open Court, 1974), and already by page 16, he cannot hold himself back—here, he manages to insult Schelling, Hegel, the ontological argument, and the German people as a whole, all in less than a paragraph (characteristically, Hegel fares the worst):
On the other hand, we can see how much Herr v. Schelling venerates the ontological proof in a long note on page 152 of the first volume of his Philosphische Schriften of 1809. Yet we can see something even more instructive, namely, how an impudent assumption of fine airs and swagger are sufficient to throw dust into German eyes. But so thoroughly contemptible a creature as Hegel, whose whole pseudo-philosophy was really a monstrous amplification of the ontological proof, tried to defend this proof against Kant's Critique. This is an alliance of which the ontological proof itself might be ashamed, however little in other respects it may be given to blushing. I must not be required to speak with deference about men who have brought philosophy into contempt.
Oh, Schopenhauer. Will you ever change?


Becky said...

What does it mean if I "kitty cat" a post?

Mark Vuletic said...

You know, kitty cat... meow meow, kitty cat?