Saturday, August 7, 2010

On mixing it up

Personal question to any readers who would like to give their input: how often do you change anything in your life—from the major (like careers or citizenship) to the minor (like furniture arrangement or walking routes)—simply for the sake of breaking routine?


Becky said...

I usually try to switch back and forth between my Hello Kitty and Chococat pens as often as possible... I hate predictability with writing utensils.

Steelman said...

Although I do try new things from time to time, I'm rather routine oriented. Even the least observant of kidnappers would have me after only two days observation, if I were a billionaire. So far, unfortunately, not an issue.

Bad puns aside, I've actually been trying something new and useful lately: rearranging the way I keep track of my life, the universe, and everything using the techniques in David Allen's book, Getting Things Done.

I suppose I only shake things up when I have a good reason, not just because I'm bored. Then again, there's a million and one new and interesting things in life (with raising children), and on the Interwebs, that I'm always stumbling over and upon. So, in that way, my routine itself provides plenty of change.