Sunday, August 8, 2010

Escape and Triumph

Believe it or not, I do have a few heroes—people who manage to make me feel, in unguarded moments, as though the erasure of humanity from the universe might not be a good thing. After having finished Escape and Triumph, I have to declare Carolyn Jessop one of my new heroines.

Jessop reminds me very much of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, my other hero of the female persuasion. Both women showed remarkable courage and resourcefulness is extracting themselves from violent, oppressive religious communities—Somali Islam in Ali's case, the FLDS in Jessop's case. Despite the much lower risk of outright murder in Jessop's case, her story is the more remarkable for the extraordinary feat she pulled off in extracting all eight of her children with her, including one who required constant medical attention. Word has it Jessop is about to remarry, this time by her own choice, to a man she loves—good for you, Carolyn, and many happy years.

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