Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cosmos is on Hulu

The entirety of Carl Sagan's Cosmos is on Hulu! It's probably been there for ages, and I was too busy watching crap like Starship Troopers to notice. Yes, yes, Starship Troopers is entertaining crap, but Cosmos is entertaining, too, and not crap. Plus, it has Carl Sagan. Watch it quick, before Hulu's subscription policy kicks in, and kills off the whole website.

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Steelman said...

It's been available on Netflix streaming for awhile. Watched it way back when I was a middle schooler. Growing up on Star Trek, Star Wars, and reading every Heinlein novel my Jr. High library had to offer, I wanted to get on that spaceship of the imagination and explore the universe.

The Cosmos series, and later his book, The Demon Haunted World, had a great impact on how I viewed human beings and their place in the universe. Holy scriptures, not so much.

James Burke's Connections series also fired my sense of wonder.