Saturday, March 27, 2010

In case I wasn't clear

I repeat: Whooooo, doggie! Civil war, here we come! Well, I'm sure these guys are just a few scattered nuts,* and no reason for the top right to tone down the rhetoric, instead of exploiting it for political advantage or personal aggrandizement. I mean, that would be too much to ask. Have to win at all costs, don't we? After all, we can always pretend to backpedal every time someone is murdered—having watched apologists for al-Qaeda for such a long time, we should have the technique down pat by now.

H/T, first link: Pharyngula.

* You know, like suicide bombers, who appear to enjoy support from "only" about a fifth of the population overseas—but hey, they have a violent religion, right? No way any other large group of people could ever give a nudge and a wink to violence, right?

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Hume's Ghost said...

Nothing more surreal that listening to Beck and his followers freak out over the imminent demise of America as a result of the socialist/fascist/Marxist super duper evil Protocols of Zion type "progressive" conspiracy to destroy the country because Democrats just passed the health care bill that Republicans proposed in 1994.