Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Buzz

Setting up some slapdash social networking system to integrate all of your Google activity? Not my cup of tea, but whatever. Introducing it unannounced? Bad idea. Having the system automatically trawl for every account you have ever sent mail to, and connect you randomly? Very bad idea. Making it an opt-out deal instead of opt-in? Very, very bad idea. Firing squad bad idea. Permanently disable all of your accounts and walk away from Google forever bad idea.

I appreciate the many free services from Google. But this crosses a line that should have been obvious, and that feels threatening. One more like this, and I shut it all down: Gmail, AdSense, Blogger, Picasa, GoogleDocs, and all of the myriad services I probably don't know I have been automatically subscribed to.

What's next, GoogleIdentityTheft? "We automatically share all of your bank and credit transactions with everyone you have ever e-mailed! If you don't want this service, you can always turn it off! Hurrah!" Please, Google, think it through. We like you, and don't want you to be evil.

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Steelman said...

My Google Buzz experience:

1. Scrolled to bottom of Gmail page

2. Clicked "turn off buzz" link.

3. Was entertained by the unfolding debacle (yet another free Google service).

Portions of a misspent youth aside, I never buzzed.

A few months back I logged into my seldom viewed, two friends only, stock silhouetted, Facebook page, curious as to how those I knew nearly twenty years ago were getting on. Viewing their pages reminded me why it's been twenty years, and why it'll be another twenty.
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