Saturday, January 9, 2010

You just have to laugh

Politifact: Rudy Giuliani says we had no domestic attacks under Bush. This is even more ridiculous than the cowardly Dick Cheney's tirade about Obama pretending we're not at war with terrorists. Is Giuliani angling for his own Fox News show, or what?


Hume's Ghost said...

That's becoming a meme, I suppose. Dana Perino said the same a while back.

Leave it to Bush partisans to make the ubiquitous Orwell memory hole reference necessary.

Mark Vuletic said...

I'm slightly more willing to forgive such nonsense from someone who wasn't the freaking mayor of New York on September 11. But, you're right, Perino did say the same; I remember a mention of it when Mary Matalin blamed Clinton for September 11. The thing that really surprises me about all these people is that they don't blame Obama for retroactively causing September 11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and—hell, why not—Pearl Harbor.

Hume's Ghost said...

Dude, watch Glenn Beck.

He has linked Obama to a 100 year "progressive" conspiracy/plot to destroy America by installing a one world socialist/fascist (yes, both at the same time) government. The "tree of revolution" that Beck keeps drawing on his chalk board links Obama to Che Guevera - which Beck has never explained how that is except that "the left" likes to wear Che t-shirts) and Woodrow Wilson; and Wilson to the Weather Underground.

He's also linked Obama to Mussolini via the art at Rockefeller Plaza ... oh, and I almost forgot ... Obama's minions at ACORN (also part of the 100 year plan)who stole the election for Obama and who apparen tly kill Obama's enemies (Beck has warned his audience that ACORN might have him assassinated for exposing their corruption) caused the levees to fail in New Orleans (magically?) so that they could use the flooding to hide evidence of their nefarious criminal goings on.

Watching the anti-intellectual juggernaut that is the Beck show on Fox is the most surreal thing I've ever experienced in my life.