Saturday, January 9, 2010

Totten-Hitchens interview

This great interview with Hitchens is making the rounds. Totten describes Hitchens as a man who "no longer fits in anyone's convenient box." That's about accurate. My favorite part of the interview is actually in the scene-setting, when
A tall and slightly disheveled man in his fifties rudely interrupted our conversation outside the bar at one point and said "I can't remember your name, but I recognize you from YouTube."

"You should read more," Hitchens said. He didn't remind the man of his name.
Not two minutes later, an attractive young woman walked up to him, squeezed his arm gently, and said "I love you."
"How often does this happen?" I said.
"This," he said and smiled at the pretty young woman, "doesn't happen nearly enough. But that," he said and gestured to the man who recognized him from YouTube and would not go away, "happens too often."
Update 15 Jan: Part II is available.

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