Monday, January 4, 2010

No thanks, I'm already getting part of a dead Nigerian millionaire's fortune.

I just got this e-mail:
Confirmar mensajes

We are please and indeed grateful to inform you that You've won 891,934.00 pounds Send Necessary information:name,age,country
¡Que fant├ístico! I am please and indeed grateful, too!

Hey, wait a minute... this isn't one of those scams, is it? Oh ho ho, you try to trick Mark!

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Steelman said...

I remember when these malicious missives used to arrive by U.S. mail (I guess I'm old), replete with typos, bad grammar, and a proper Nigerian postmark on the envelope. Too bad I never saved those relics; they might have aided what I anticipate will be a meager retirement as the proprietor of a roadside tourist trap, drawing the curious to peer at them in their glass case, alongside the eight track player, Atari 2600, and the two-headed rattlesnake skull.

Even the faxed versions have tapered off in favor of the ease and affordability of email. Prior to that, my coworker would snatch them off the machine, highlight the important areas, write a response on the bottom (ostensibly from me!), and then place them on my desk when I wasn't looking. If only I could have convinced him to do actual paperwork with such enthusiasm.

Anyway, when it sounds too good to be true, I listen to the Admiral.