Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The government we deserve

I should clarify something, so readers of my "Business as usual" post don't misunderstand me. Do I think there are pirates at the helm? Yes, I stand by that claim. But I wouldn't want anyone to come away with the impression that I think the crew or passengers are any better. This is a democracy: we have the government we are willing to settle for.

We the people hate lobbies. Really? Even the ones that advance our special interests? We the people are disgusted by pork barrel projects. Really? Even the pork our legislators bring into our states, our districts? We the people think big business has too much power. Really? The same big businesses we readily stoke with our cash day after day? We the people are tired of being manipulated by the media. Really? The same media we tune out whenever it doesn't tell us exactly what we want to hear?

If there is no true accountability in our government, that's because we don't really want it.

Don't think I don't blame the people in power. I do. The people in power—that's us. We have exactly the government we deserve.

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Anonymous said...

Obama promised "no earmarks" but instead we got a wasteful stimulus package with more than 8,500 earmarks. That's eight thousand five hundred taxpayer dollars! highlights some of the colossal waste like $22,000 toilets and guard rails around dry lakes....stuff WE PAID and me. Get this clown out of the white house and back to the circus where he belongs!