Monday, January 4, 2010

The Conservative Deist

Via Maverick Philosopher, I have discovered my good friend Michael Valle's blog, The Conservative Deist. Mike must have been too shy to tell me about it (or perhaps I forgot—Mark brain no always work good).

Mike and I have been moving away from one another politically at a 150° (±0.35°) angle at least since my second tour in Iraq, with him shifting to the right, and me shifting to the left. Peruse his blog for a few moments, and you will see definite differences in our views, with a couple of points of concord. That's fine: obviously, neither he nor I choose our friends on the basis of ideological, philosophical, or even factual agreement.

All that matters in friendship is whether you're on one another's side, and that, strange as it may seem, can happen even when you agree about far less than Mike and I do. Besides, in our own ways, we're both extremists: I want to destroy humanity and usher in a perfect world of logic and robotics, and he's a fan of Sarah Palin. Come to think of it, I was considering voting for Palin in 2012, myself, in a bid to fulfill the first part of my plan.

Hey Mike, I know you have The Atheologian in your Google Reader. You better get over here and start ripping into my blog. Thor knows I won't balk at systematically tearing to shreds your puny beliefs. Should you need any incentive, I leave you with this:
A little philosophy inclines man's mind to conservatism, but depth in philosophy brings men's minds about to liberalism.
See? I can invent aphorisms, too! And I don't need to lend a false sense of profundity to my words with the addition of some pseudo-archaic "th"s, either. Wooooooooo! It's on!

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