Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shout out to Charles

I just want to express admiration for one of my very favorite bloggers of all time: Charles Johnson of LGF. I have no idea whether he would enjoy the comparison, but he reminds me of a conservative version of Christopher Hitchens: someone who doesn't give a damn about crossing party lines and pissing off his normal base, in pursuit of truth. Although I have generally given Johnson a sympathetic ear since I first came across his blog (post- September 11), I admit I was surprised when he really started to ramp up the effort against the anti-science mentality so prevalent in the contemporary right, whether represented in creationism or in climate change denial. Imagine my greater surprise, upon re-emerging from the void, to discover his November 30 post. I think I understand how he feels: the self-styled voices of conservatism, descending ever deeper (and ever more loudly) into the boastful ignorance and self-righteous malevolence I once identified with the left, make me feel as though I am tilting ever more towards the liberal end of the spectrum. Yet, I don't think my political views have really changed that much over the past ten years; rather, it seems that the ground has just shifted beneath my feet. I think Johnson is likely in the same position; so, no Charles, you haven't left the right, the former "right" has just left the solar system.

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