Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A brutal, but rewarding, semester begins to wind down

Now that finals are starting, I have more room to breathe, and can pick up on things I have had to leave by the wayside, like this blog. My main problems this semester were trying to introduce too many innovations into my classes, and spreading myself out too thin over multiple campuses. But I have to say, my students were fantastic this semester, and I have learned a tremendous amount that ought to make my next batch of classes run much smoother, with much less maintenance.

Being a philosophy instructor is still the best job in the world.


Steelman said...

It's good to hear that the teaching gig is continuing, despite your comments (back in April) that your position might come under the budget axe.

What areas have you been covering in your classes? Ancient, modern analytical, continental, eastern as well as western?

Mark Vuletic said...

Fortunately, philosophy seems to be in high demand over here, and the state cuts, though substantial, weren't quite as severe as everyone thought they would be initially. Still, I don't exactly have real job security, so I'm enjoying the work while I can.

My department mostly hires me for an assortment of 100 - 300 level ethics classes, filled primarily with non-majors. I teach the classes almost exclusively from a Western, modern, and analytical perspective, since that's what I know. I do try to work a decent amount of Continental thought into my introduction to philosophy classes, but I don't get to teach those often, anymore.