Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Study shows cats are stupid

Britta Osthaus, the researcher responsible for the study, tries to soft-pedal the results, insisting that cats are "different" rather than "stupid," but we can read between the lines. It's nothing we didn't all know already, anyway. There is no indication yet as to whether Osthaus is planning further experiments to confirm that cats are little Satans.

See Cats outsmarted in psychologist's test.


Becky said...

I wish I had something to say that could counter this, but I don't. Oooh, ooh, they were smart enough to get you to feed them for two years! Zing!

Mark I. Vuletic said...

No, that involved no intelligence on their part; I just have a soft place in my heart for stupid creatures, especially for ones that are the collective embodiment of the Antichrist.

Becky said...

Wait a second, you don't even believe in the Antichrist.

Steelman said...

I've been partial to cats as pets most of my life, although there is now a small dog in my family; I have young children, and they are both "dog boys" through and through.

Speaking of apocalyptic entities, I recall an especially evil example owned (ha!) by a friend of mine. This demonic beast would lie in wait to the side of a doorway, executing a mad, claws out attack from behind when one passed through. It would hide from the household authorities by climbing into a high cabinet and closing the door after itself. One might shut the bedroom door for safety, only to hear the sound of the paw-batted knob twisting, followed by the nonchalant entrance of the furry ninja patrolling its domain.

This would make a great graphic novel, including the part where my friend actually took his hellspawn to a cat psychologist in an effort to abate the reign of terror.

Mark I. Vuletic said...

Let me guess: the cat succeeded in twisting around the psychologist, and turning him into a serial killer.