Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why we need earthquakes: because God is impotent

Do you think earthquakes are bad? Did you ever wonder why the supposedly all-powerful and all-good ruler of the universe doesn't step in and stop them? Stop wondering! Dinesh D'Souza gives you the answers in a Christianity Today piece entitled Why We Need Earthquakes. His insight?
In sum, plate tectonics are a necessary prerequisite to human survival on the only planet known to sustain life...a world [with different laws of nature] surely could not have produced creatures like us. Science tells us that our world has all the necessary conditions for species like Homo sapiens to survive and endure.
And, there you have it.

So, if someone ever tells you that God can create whatever He wants ex nihilo, tell him he's wrong: Dinesh D'Souza says that not even God can create human beings directly; the hands of the Divine Sovereign of All Creation are completely tied by the existence or non-existence of plate tectonics.

Also, when someone asks, "Well, alright, even granting all of this, why does God continue to allow earthquakes now that we're here?" tell him... uhh... hmmm... D'Souza doesn't seem to address that at all. But rest assured, there must be a good answer. All of this talk people make about how they would prevent sources of suffering like earthquakes, and all of the research we continue to do to try to minimize the harm they cause, well thank goodness we haven't succeeded as well as we wanted to, because obviously that would make the world so much worse, somehow—obviously, since God, with his infinite power to do whatever he wants, chooses to stand by twiddling his thumbs while thousands of people are killed by his wondeful creation. There must be a reason, because, I mean, Christianity must be true, mustn't it?

(Via Friendly Atheist.)

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